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Remove Racing Rubber & More With Mothers® R3

If the sound of screaming engines and the smell of burning rubber are part of your lifestyle, then you know how a day at the track can throw melted rubber, asphalt, bugs and other debris all over your beautiful race car. Now your problems are over with Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover.

Mothers® R3 is a pro-strength cleaner that is tough on tenacious rubber and grime, but gentle enough for paint, glass, vinyl wrap and other exterior surfaces  all of the common problem areas that keep you from looking your best on the track or on the street. Simply spray and wipe. It's that easy.

“R3 works great in the very short time we have between sessions to remove the excessive amount of rubber that accumulates on our Mazda RX-8s, and it allows us to keep them looking their best for our sponsors,” says Jay Chapman of Team Sahlen, whose team competes in Grand Am racing.

Fabryce Kutyba of GMG Racing uses R3 on their Porsche World Challenge GT and ALMS GTC cars. “R3 has cut cleaning time down so our cars are always looking 100% at the track at all times!”

A key feature about R3 is that it's quick and easy to use. “R3 is a real time saver at the track. We work hard to be up front and to look sharp, and the team loves how good of a job it does in keeping up with all the scuff marks that a competitive environment brings to our Mazdaspeed RX-8 GT cars,” says Sylvain Tremblay of SpeedSource Race Engineering, whose team is a two-time class winner in the Rolex 24 hours at Daytona.

“We strive to build the highest quality equipment available in our industry, and Mothers® has been a preferred product for years and play a significant role in maintaining that standard,” says Tami Parsnow, Richard Petty Driving Experience. “R3 easily removes the rubber and debris from our cars without streaking or hazing. With a fleet of over 120 vehicles across the country, we rely on R3 to help keep them looking great!”

So if you live life in the fast lane, whether it's with one car, a team, or a fleet, keep looking good with Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover.

Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover, #09224 (24 oz.), is available at online retailers and performance specialty shops. For racetrack direct delivery pre-orders and/or bulk orders, visit

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