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Mothers California Gold® Clay Bar
The most trusted name in advanced friction technology
now offers more value, more clay

Once a trade secret held by professional detailers, Mothers® introduced its paint-saving California Gold® Clay Bar over a decade ago, and has remained the trusted name in clay ever since. Mothers® uses a shearing process known as advanced friction technology to gently remove bonded contaminants that regular washing and polishing leaves behind.

Airborne metal particles, bird droppings, bugs, tree sap, tar, wax buildup, pollen, paint overspray and brake dust are just a few of the hazards to your paint that are often invisible to the naked eye. Left alone or simply sealed in with wax, these particles can quickly dull the finish and could result in a costly new paint job. Regardless of where you live, whether your car is new or old, or if your vehicle is a daily driver or just for show on weekends, you may need to clay. Just run your hand across your freshly washed paint, and if it doesn't feel smooth as glass, you need Mothers® Clay Bar.

Mothers® Clay Bar is simple to use — just spray, clay, wipe away. Safe for all automotive paints, including clearcoats. It shears-off and removes paint-damaging contaminants, leaving your paint perfectly smooth and clean, paving the way for final waxing.

Mothers California Gold® Clay Bar comes complete with two large 80 gram clay bars, a 16 oz. bottle of Showtime® Instant Detailer lubricant, and a 15" x 15" premium microfiber towel. That's 160 grams of clay (5.6 ounces). Mothers California Gold® Clay Bar: more value, more clay.

The leader in clay bar technology, Mothers® is known worldwide for its premium-grade polishes, waxes and cleaners. Link directly to the Mothers® Clay Bar information page at for a demonstration video.

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