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Polishing & Waxing Made Easy with Mothers® PowerBall 4Paint®

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Polishing & Waxing Made Easy with Mothers® PowerBall 4Paint®
Announcing the newest in the full line of power polishing tools from Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners.

Built on technology derived from our exclusive PowerBall® and PowerBall Mini® tools for polishing metals and headlights, the new PowerBall 4Paint® offers the same ease-of-use and spectacular results to help give your vehicle that showroom-quality shine.

Whether you are polishing, waxing, or both, hundreds of professional-grade foam fingers on the PowerBall 4Paint® provide unmatched coverage and efficiency with the help of your variable-speed drill. Its soft, pliable design makes short work of contoured edges, curves and other hard to reach areas such as door handles, spoilers and curved, aerodynamic bumpers.

Simply attach the PowerBall 4Paint® to your drill, position the crown of the ball upwards and pour a small amount of your favorite Mothers® polish, glaze, wax or one-step cleaner wax onto the foam.

Set your drill speed to "low" and rest the ball on the paint's surface. Using just the weight of the drill, start slowly and the PowerBall 4Paint® glides gently and almost effortlessly across the finish. Let the wax product haze and remove as directed. The end result is more thorough and even coverage in less time and with less effort than applying by hand. These features make the PowerBall 4Paint® a versatile paint polishing and waxing tool that provides an affordable, easy-to-use and efficient way to get a professional quality finish at home. It's washable, reusable and reversible, too.

PowerBall 4Paint® is the latest innovation in the Mothers® PowerBall® line, and includes everything you need to give your ride a great shine — the polishing tool, storage case and a 4 oz. bottle of FX SynWax®.

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