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Paint Chip Repair is “Cream of the Crop” Says Popular Mechanics

Detail Guide - Tire Care
March 2002 — Popular Mechanics
Paint Chip Repair is "Cream of the Crop" Says Popular Mechanics

When the editors of Popular Mechanics Magazine selected the "cream of the automotive aftermarket's finest crop," who else would you expect to be in the harvest but Mothers® with our new California Gold® Paint Chip Repair.

Mothers® California Gold® Paint Chip Repair is designed to put the finishing touch on chip repairs made with your own matching touch-up paint. When used as directed, the product leaves the painted section as smooth, and with the same sheen, as the surrounding area. Suggested retail price is $19.95 and available at your local retailer -- ask for it today!

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Popular Mechanics Magazine, Car Care Vegas Winners -- Here's the cream of the automotive aftermarket's finest crop, March 2002, pg. 102-106, by Don Chaikin, Photos by Ken Juran and Norman S. Mayersohn
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