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Paint Restoration with Finishing Polish

Mothers® Professional Finishing Polish can be used both as a follow-up to Rubbing Compound as well as a stand-alone product. When used after a compound, it smoothes, refines and clarifies the freshly compounded paint surface.

By itself, it can be used for removing swirls, hazing, holograms and other imperfections. Mothers® Professional Finishing Polish is body shop proven, and works with your favorite buffer and finishing pads.

Apply a 5-inch ribbon of Finishing Polish to the pad.

Set the buffer speed to medium / medium high. Using just the weight of the machine, rest the pad on the paint surface.

Start the buffer slowly to avoid slinging.

Work on an area of about two square feet, and overlap your buffing path by about 50% in at least three different directions.

Apply more product as needed in order to keep the working surface wet at all times.

Mist the area with Showtime® Instant Detailer.

Then wipe the polish off with a soft, clean microfiber towel. Inspect the polished surface. Gauge your results to determine if all compounding marks or defects have been removed. Once satisfied with the results, continue on to the next area. When finished, you'll have smooth, clean, defect-free paint ready for final waxing.

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