Mothers® Polish
Tire Dressing Application

Tires endure the brunt of our modern commuter world. Where the rubber meets the road is not a forgiving place. Burning heat, freezing cold, road salts, dust, dirt and grime -- your tires need all the protection they can get.

Tire dressings like Back-to-Black® Tire Shine not only excel in providing a long lasting durable finish, but they also leave your tires with a high gloss, show quality shine.

Make sure your tires are clean and cool. Hold the sprayer about 5-6 inches away from the tire surface.

Spray product directly onto the sidewall.

Make sure to coat the surface evenly. Let the product dry to a high gloss shine.

Wipe off any excess overspray on your wheels with a soft, clean microfiber or terry cloth towel.

For a lower gloss finish, allow dressing to penetrate for a few minutes, then wipe off the excess.

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