Mothers® Polish
Waterless Tire Cleaning

Simple, effective tire cleaning does not need to be an involved process. Tires, such as blackwalls and whitewalls, can easily be restored to their rich and natural appearance with a simple two-step, no-rinse process.

Spray-on, wipe-off cleaners like Mothers® Back-to-Black® Tire Renew can effectively remove stubborn browning, dirt, soil and grim from your tires without the need to rinse.

Spray the tire cleaner directly onto the sidewall.

Allow the product to penetrate for about 15 seconds. You can see the cleaner working -- notice the dirt and grime being removed from the tire's surface.

Wipe away dirt and excess product from the tire.

Now remember it is very important to remove all overspray from surrounding areas, such as wheels and fenders.

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