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Cleaning Glass

Keeping the exterior glass and interior glass of your vehicle clean is easy if you know a few simple tricks.

Here I’m going to use Mothers® Glass Cleaner.

Mist a little glass cleaner on the surface in a sweeping motion.

Then simply wipe with a towel, spreading the glass cleaner across the surface.

Then flip the towel to a dry side for a final wipe.

For interior glass, or hard-to-reach areas, it’s better to spray the glass cleaner on the towel to avoid overspray on adjacent surfaces. Larger windows may need to be cleaned in sections.

If your outside glass is marred with water deposits, Mothers® Chrome Polish can help remove them. This formula is safe for exterior automotive glass.

Even if you’ve just cleaned the exterior glass, remember the interior glass could be dirty due to outgassing from plastics such as your dashboard or door panels.

Road film, oily deposits and grime don’t stand a chance against Mothers® Glass Cleaner. Great on all automotive glass, headlight lenses, mirrors and even chrome, this glass cleaner doesn’t leave streaks. Our professional strength formula is safe and ammonia-free, so it won’t harm your tinted window film.

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