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Polishing Metal by Hand

Whether you have a little bit of polishable metal on your vehicle, or a whole lot - you want it to look great.

And to keep it looking great, we suggest you use a great metal polish and a microfiber towel, and a little bit of elbow grease - and you’ll come up with a great looking wheel.

It’s a really simple process too.

And Mothers® has a variety of polishes for you to use on your wheels and polishable metal. Today we’re going to be using Mothers® Billet Polish.

You just put a little bit on your microfiber towel. Go to the substrate and begin rubbing back and forth. Not in circular motions, back and forth on metal.

And always check to be sure you get that black residue.

If you’re getting that then you should continue, that’s a good thing.

So rub till you feel you’ve done a good job. And remember, remove while wet.

A little elbow grease, a good polish - you have a shiny wheel.

Mothers® Billet Metal Polish takes our world famous metal polish technology to a whole new level. State of the art cleaners and cutting edge formulation give your billet, forged and finely cast aluminum, brass and other polishable metals the absolute finest finish available - guaranteed. If you’ve spent big bucks on quality metal accessories, step up to a polish worthy of your investment.

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