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Waxing with PowerBall 4Paint®

Protecting your paint and maintaining its shine is very important, but it can be quite a task when doing the whole job by hand.

The use of a drill-mounted applicator can make the job go much quicker, and much easier.

It’s important to remember, when you’re using power tools, to use the proper safety equipment and eye protection to avoid any injury.

Here I’m using the PowerBall 4Paint® from Mothers®.

Set your drill to the clockwise direction with the speed on low, between 300 and 400 rpm.

Begin by liberally applying wax to the crown of the ball.

Next, place the crown of the ball on the area to be waxed.

It’s important to start the drill motor slowly to avoid slinging.

Now it’s not necessary to use any pressure, just relax and let the weight of the drill and the soft fingers of the PowerBall 4Paint® do the work. Use your other hand to hold the drill steady and guide it across the surface.

Using the PowerBall 4Paint® allows you to cover much larger areas in less time, and with much less effort than by hand.

You will notice a thin rotational pattern of wax that’s developing as you glide across the surface. Apply small amounts of wax as necessary to maintain this thin coat.

Allow the area you have worked on to dry to a haze, then remove with a soft, clean microfiber or terry cloth towel.

After use, wash the PowerBall 4Paint® with dish soap, rinse and set it up to dry. And let it dry thoroughly before putting it back in its container.

PowerBall 4Paint® makes short work of polishing and waxing large surfaces, contoured edges and difficult, hard-to-reach areas. Simply attach it to your drill, apply polish or wax, and give any painted finish that showroom quality shine, especially clearcoats. Hundreds of gentle foam fingers work efficiently to give you unmatched coverage with ease. For best results, we recommend you use it with your favorite Mothers® products.

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