Mothers® Speed Line is a collection of specially formulated car care products designed to provide superior results and to work faster and more efficiently than comparable products.

  • Speed®
    Clay 2.0
  • Speed®
    Spray Wax
  • Speed®
    Interior Detailer
  • Speed®
    All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Speed®
    Foaming Glass & Screen Cleaner
  • Speed®
    Tire Shine
  • Speed®
    Foaming Bug & Tar Remover

Speed® Interior Detailer

Mothers® Speed® Interior Detailer makes it easy for you to keep that fresh “new car” look and smell—simply spray and wipe away. This safe, ammonia-free formula uses micro-emulsifying agents and biodegradable surfactants to quickly dissolve dirt, oily film and fingerprints, leaving your interior surfaces clean and protected, without greasy residue or streaks. Designed to take the guesswork out of maintaining virtually every surface inside your car, Speed® Interior Detailer is especially effective on the surfaces you use every day.

#18324, 24 oz.

Mothers® Speed® Interior Detailer

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