Introducing Mothers CMX™ Ceramic Spray Coating, an affordable, user-friendly, professional grade, ultra-durable, super-hydrophobic protection formula. Just spray on and wipe off, with this game-changing SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) and TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) blend.

CMX Ceramic Spray Coating Questions

Is it a ceramic and wax hybrid blend?
No. CMX Ceramic Spray Coating is a true ceramic coating, featuring both Si02 & Ti02 nano-quartz technology. There is no wax, natural or synthetic, in the formula.

Does it contain solvents?
Yes. CMX Ceramic Spray Coating is a solvent and water-based emulsion. It is safe for consumer and professional use and is VOC compliant.

Can it be used as a booster?
Yes. CMX Ceramic Spray Coating can be used as a stand-alone ceramic coating, or as a booster over existing ceramic coatings or waxes.

Can it be layered?
Yes. CMX Ceramic Spray Coating can be layered/stacked, making the surface look progressively deeper and glossier with each additional coat.

How do you prep paint for application?
CMX Ceramic Spray Coating can be applied over any clean, cool surface. However, like with all paint care products, best results are achieved on a well-maintained finish, free of defects, waxes, oils or contaminants.

How long does it last?
CMX Ceramic Spray Coating durability testing is still ongoing - currently it has outlasted all of our tests. For example, one of our test cars has been run through 100+ automatic drive-through brush car washes, as well as daily ocean salt air exposure. The panels show little to no degradation of the ceramic coating, still exhibiting superb shine and excellent hydrophobicity.

Should you wipe down the painted surface with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) before application?
CMX Ceramic Spray Coating is very versatile and doesn't require prep work. Simply start with a clean, cool surface. For professionals and/or enthusiasts using compounds and polishes, standard prep, cleaning and best practices apply (i.e. stick to your tried and true methods).

How do you remove a ceramic coating?
Our research indicates high alkaline liquids can remove automotive ceramic coatings.

When will it be available?
CMX Ceramic Spray Coating will be available early February online, mid-February at Pep Boys, and early April at O'Reilly Auto Parts. It should be available at AutoZone, Canadian Tire and Walmart Canada around late Spring.

Can it be used as a drying aid?
You can use CMX Ceramic Spray Coating on a wet vehicle as a "coat-as-you-dry" product, or "drying aid." This will allow additional coats to stack over the initial installation as part of your drying process.

Is applying a traditional wax over CMX Ceramic Spray Coating counterproductive?
We don't see a need to put a Last Step Product (LSP) or a topper on CMX Ceramic Spray Coating.

Does the formula crystallize or gel in the sprayer, causing it to clog?
No. In our long term, broad range testing, we've never experienced that problem.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes. "Satisfaction guaranteed when used as directed. Manufacturer's liability limited to replacement of product or refund of purchase price upon return of unused portion and proof of purchase."

Mothers CMX™ Ceramic Spray Coating

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