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Hot Rod Power Tour 2013
Wednesday, June 5
Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, Hoover (Birmingham), AL

“Getting Back to Our Roots”

Today on the Tour was a landmark day for a few reasons, first of which being that I was finally able to elbow-flip eight quarters. I don’t mind telling you that was a huge goal for me. The second reason was an epiphany of our own Ken Holland. I thought he was going to profess his secret celebrity crush on Robin Wright, the actress who played Buttercup in The Princess Bride. No, Ken wants to get back to the core of the Hot Rod Power Tour – you, the participants. This rolling car show wouldn’t be possible without all of you and our goal with this Power Tour blog has always been to highlight your participation. This was Ken’s demand for the day (actually he asked, in a very polite manner).

The other landmark occasion was the arrival of our mother, as in mom, Barbara Holloway. Barbara and her husband Al Holloway founded Mothers more than thirty years ago. While Al has sadly passed, Barbara continues to maintain the original values of Mothers, as this car care company is still family owned, just like when it was established so many years ago.

Another big presence on our Hot Rod Power Tour was that of Frank Whitlock. Frank and his wife Nancy bought the tire store from Al and Barbara, which was the very same store where the Holloways started Mothers with a little tin of wheel polish. Today was also Frank’s birthday and all he wanted to commemorate the milestone was a picture with his dear friend, Barbara. Unfortunately, Ken got lost on his way to kneel down to take the picture and Frank ended up with a blurry shot of his Nikes. Way to go, Ken.

But we do owe Ken a debt of gratitude because it was his idea to deviate from the planned route in order to get on the highway, which would get us to Birmingham in the shortest amount of time.

Being on a four-lane highway allowed me to hang precariously out of the window, trusting in Ken’s questionable and sometimes nonexistent driving skills, in order to take pictures of your beautiful cars out on the road, where they belong.

“Look out, blown, murdered out Camaro, that purple Studebaker is coming up fast,” said no one ever.

Sir, if you drove that sick Caddy from California for this year’s Tour, then I will gladly tip my hat to you. However, since I don’t have a hat I must ask Shane and Ken to tip their New Era and Jaunty Fits on my behalf.

Speaking of Cadillac grilles and Cadillac thrills we’ve shown you this gold number in past Tour blogs, but with the top down. Our lovely lady friend told us that this year, she asked her man to put the top up because she could no longer stand the sun beating down on her for more than a thousand miles. He did and now we have a shot of this Caddy with the top up. And they say romance is dead.


I love this guy. Here I am blasting away with my eight frames per second motor drive on my fancy camera that I have no idea how to use and he pulls off the dipsy doo. In one frame he’s on the phone…

And in the next he’s rocking the ten and two with a momentary thumbs up for safety.

Don’t worry, ’62 Impala guy, I won’t narc you out, but I can’t say the same for Ken. From what I hear he was a honest-to-goodness narc in high school. Really, Ken?

Hey, it’s Zach and Libby Merrill of Greenville, SC and their 1955 Morris Minor Series II Traveller.

Zach happens to work in Michelin’s Tweel Technology department. Tweels are those tire/wheel combos that look like tires without sidewalls. Well, here they are in action. I’ve seen the future and the future is now. But whatever will we do with our Mothers Back-to-Black Tire Shine now that the future is here?

Today our route took us from Memphis, Tennessee to Birmingham, Alabama.

Once in Alabama, we stopped to top off our tanks and our tummies.

After lunch Forrest checked the air in our ZR1’s tires. While performing this function four separate truck drivers honked their horns proving that Forrest has still, very much, got it.

Once we arrived at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, like clockwork our Big Rig crew had everything set up in preparation for the daily Tour goer onslaught.

Today we hosted Barney’s ride, a Mayberry RFD Ford Galaxie police cruiser.

Here’s Steve doing work on a cherry Camaro 396 SS.

Robert is making sure our Big Rig “Pete” looks just as pristine as the cars.

Remember our friend, Steen Gilbertson, with the bright yellow Chevelle SS? Well here’s his motor, all 572 cubic inches worth that produces 675hp to the wheels.

Yesterday I wrote that Steen was pulled over. He was, but the officer only wanted to ask about the Chevelle. I didn’t know that and neither did his wife, which prompted this text. For that, I am sorry Mrs. Gilbertson.

To make up for the misunderstanding I treated them to the finest hot dogs Steen and his son Hunter could eat on a curb, with our Big Rig crewmembers, Jay and Silent Rob. The reason Robert is silent is because he is apparently trying to eat an entire hot dog in one bite (I once knew a girl who could do that in college).

Here’s Trucker John opening up to Barbara. He’s probably pouting because Robert touched this truck.

Our own Shane Christman demonstrating perfect cell phone photography form. That’s one fine shirt although I don’t know how he can rock dungarees in this sweltering heat. I’d like to think it’s because he lost a bet that involved the shaving of part or all of his legs, and the hair never quite grew back the same, and for that Shane is ashamed (as he should be).

At today’s stop there was a serious threat of rain with the forecast calling for lighting strikes. I seemed much more worried about the cars than the owners. Take these two convertibles, the Galaxie and the Thunderbird for instance. These guys were not concerned as they were here to show off their cars, rain or shine.

Some owners were more cognizant as to the possibility of rain, like the owner of this wild Camaro. I wanted to yell, “Hey, wuss, the Power Tour goes on rain or shine,” but he was a big guy and I prefer to talk like a big man behind the safety of my keyboard and monitor. Oh, and if you’re reading this, Camaro guy, my name is Forrest Tosie and you can find me at the main stage every day around five.

When I was sixteen I aced the driving portion of driver’s license test by parallel parking my mom’s Camaro (yay!) V6 (eww!). But anyone can park between some cones, what about testing the agility of you and your car on a timed course?

Mothers understands this, which is why we are presenting the Driving Challenge at this year’s Power Tour.

Autocrossing takes skill and more than a bit of patience to not overdrive the course.

Nothing says overdrive more than a diesel-powered Chevelle SS rolling coal through an autocross course.

“Here’s what I think of your environment and your silly, little cones!”

Our own Jim Holloway took the Brian Thompson Hurricane Grand Sport Corvette out on our Mothers Driving Challenge course.

Jim’s tomfoolery attracted the ire of the local constable, who seems to have the nicest police car of any law enforcement agent this side of Dubai.

After their show I asked Jim and Hoover’s finest to stage a mock arrest for a photo opp, but my picture came out looking more frisky than frisking, you know, more patty cakes than pat down. This left me with a huge moral dilemma. Do I risk embarrassing one of my bosses for a cheap laugh? If I’m not on the Tour tomorrow, you’ll know why, but you gotta admit that’s funny. You know what else is funny? Pull my finger and I’ll tell you.

If I were asked (and even if I wasn’t), this would have been my pick of the show. Goolsby Customs built Project Pegasus for William “Buddy” Shores.  The front end and wheelbase of this 1971 Mustang fastback were shortened six and one inches respectively.

The rear end was redesigned completely with a pass through spoiler and laid down rear glass. The car was featured in the May 2012 issue of Hot Rod.

2011 Coyote 5.0 Mustang motor and six-speed automatic transmission from Sean Hyland Motorsports.

Goolsby Customs also built this ’69 Camaro for Lokar Performance Products. A keen eye can detect the subtle body mods but what you can’t see in this picture is the 545hp Mast Motorsports LS3.

You gotta love the lines of this Studebaker.

You can only love them more when they’re stuffed with something like this.

This ’67 Cadillac belongs to Johnny Buckelew from Rad-Cads, Inc. in Falkville, AL.

I shall call this one, “Hubcaps Across the Continents.”

And this one will be called, “ Hood Life.”

Driving this ‘55 Chevy must be such a gas (ser).

This ’51 Mercury from Alaska comes with a swamp cooler HVAC system and a sawed off shotgun hood prop. Alaska must really be the final frontier.

Gary Ruth owns this 1941 Packard 110 two-door sedan with a 350 engine.

I’ve been eying this ‘37 Ford two-door sedan from New York since the Tour launched in Arlington.

Comp Cams Inglese Fuel Injection Systems come with low profile fuel rails that sit below the velocity stacks and the XFI 2.0 kits will support up to 1,000hp engines. All I took from that is 1,000hp velocity stacks.

This guy here is Gregg Vandermark the Events Manager for Continental Tire. I’m sure he has some exciting events planned for this market as he brings a wealth of knowledge to this space (and hopefully some free tires for my glowing review of his qualifications).

Roll Tide!

Steve Beauregard must be one of the coolest people on Tour. I overheard him encouraging people to sit in his 1934 Ford Coupe with a supercharged 350 injected with a F.A.S.T EFI system. This XFI system was completely installed in a motel parking lot in Shreveport, LA after the previous EFI controller failed.

This is Rutledge Wood, NASCAR on SPEED TV reporter, host of Top Gear USA and all-around really cool guy. Here he is introducing us to his new ride, or maybe just showing us what he does with his hands after a mani.

Nail care aside Rut’s new ride is a ’49 Chevy Step Van with a Chevrolet Performance 525hp LS3 crate engine and a frame from a 1999 Chevy 2500 HD. This beast will be on the road for the next leg of the Tour.

It would appear that Mother Nature was on Mothers’ side as the rain held out until it was time to retreat back to our hotel.

We’ve always wanted to recognize all the great cars we see on the road each day and today I’m going to do just that. If I was cool I would be able to create a slide show with a soundtrack that plays “You Are The Wind Beneath my Wings,” but I’m not. So just scroll down and hum whatever song you like. And thank you for maintaining the Mothers shine on your cars throughout the Tour!

Tomorrow we’ll be headed to Chattanooga State in Tennessee only 194.3 miles down the road. Stay tuned for more!

Remember you can’t wax off without waxing on first.

John Naderi
for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

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University of Texas at Arlington

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Four States Fairgrounds
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Memphis International Raceway
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Wednesday, June 5
Hoover Metropolitan Stadium
Hoover (Birmingham), AL

Thursday, June 6
Chattanooga State Community College, Chattanooga, TN

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zMAX Dragway at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, NC

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