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Hot Rod Power Tour 2013
Tuesday, June 4
Memphis International Raceway, Millington, TN

“Down Home on the Farm”

Day 3 for the 2013 Power Tour began just like any other. An early morning wake-up call followed by a mad scramble to pack up after a one-night stand in a far-flung city. The fact that I’m not sleeping enough in a bed that’s not my own is quickly forgiven once we arrive at the daily driver’s meetings. Surrounded by good cars and great people is not a bad way to start the day.

After a few days on the road (days that accrued more than 600 miles) our beloved cars can start to look rough around the edges. Some of our Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer and a microfiber towel can do wonders.

Our own Shane Christman uses this method to keep our Mustang RTR Spec 3 looking good.

Even our own Jim Holloway isn’t afraid to put in a little work to maintain the bold look of the Hurricane Grand Sport Corvette.

Speaking of putting in work, here’s Hot Rod magazine Editor-in-Chief, David Freiburger working on an upcoming issue of the magazine with one of the staff editors, Elana Scherr, while photographer Wes Allison looks on (the man who shot many of the greatest HRD covers over the years). Just because the Power Tour takes them out of the office doesn’t mean the deadlines stop. It’s hard enough to put together a solid magazine each month without having to organize the Power Tour. This takes serious dedication and time management, not to mention coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

Another hard worker on the Tour is Michelle Turczyn although you can’t tell by this pic (Forrest tends to bring out this sort of behavior from everyone he meets). She plans all the routes for the Power Tour, choosing the best drives, with scenery, food and gas facilities and no construction. Although things do change and Michelle is quick to answer with alternate routes. Just like our own Krashy Ken, but with far fewer u-turns and cursing.

Despite the numerous warnings about my Stop Short technique Courtney Hansen came back for one more day on Tour with our Mothers crew. Here she is mugging it up with Rich Waitas from Magnaflow. Watch your hand there, Rich. I will not hesitate to come at you like a spider monkey.

Once on the road our group picked up the pace since we were headed for a very special side visit.

On this leg we were joined by this very unique BMW E30 M3 with an LS3 swap.

This car is so clean and it was such a joy to see it being run so hard. Kinda like that hot girl who isn’t afraid to get on a creeper and slide under a car.

Here’s Courtney hanging out at the gas stop.

Causing every guy in our group to go for the creeper cell shots. I did it too, but unlike these guys my picture meant something to Courtney. It did, didn’t it, Courtney?

Driving on the Tour is fraught with challenges. Not all classic muscle cars and hot rods are up to the task of driving more than a thousand miles in a week and the brilliant colors and performance potential of these rides pose a tempting attraction for local law enforcement. Our friend Steen found this out the hard way and after being pulled over his fuel pump gave out later in the day. Bad Chevelle!

Today we were treated to another spectacular buffet of windshield panoramas like the mighty Mississippi itself.

We were also saddened to come upon this horrific traffic accident on today’s route. It’s a sobering reminder of how dangerous our highways can be. Please be careful out there, people.

Our diversion eventually led us here, George Poteet’s Camel Toe Racing Shop in Holly Springs, MS.   

The “shop” is spread out over 200-plus acres of the most beautiful, if not tucked away, rolling hills of Mississippi.

There are some half dozen rather modest looking buildings housing over one hundred proper hot rods.

Our guide for the day was the shop’s caretaker, Tom, who counts himself as one of Poteet’s oldest friends, and biggest fans.

Tom showed us a picture of Poteet’s first house in Mantachie, MS. Today Poteet’s personal wealth can best be described as staggering, stemming from a career spent at National Safety Associates. Poteet has been with the company since 1969 and today he’s the second largest shareholder behind the founder.

Poteet is primarily a Ford man but he is not opposed to the bowtie and Mopar offerings.

Because he’s a self-made man Poteet’s cars reflect his humble beginnings. While he has commissioned many an open-checkbook build his tastes run to the clean and simple route with no Ed Roth blowers or salmon-colored scallops here. Check out this ’57 Chevy for instance. It has a 427, Art Morrison chassis and 18-inch steelies with UHP rubber. Classic and clean body on a NASCAR chassis.

I was proud to see that the Camel Toe Racing shop was fully stocked with our Mothers Polish.

Of the few buildings we saw, Poteet’s collection seemed to go on...

And on...

And on.

Poteet’s other passion is speed. He personally drove his Speed Demon streamliner to over 430mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The Speed Demon isn’t Poteet’s only LSR car. Our friend Troy Trepanier from Rad Rides by Troy recently completed “Blowfish,” a ’69 Barracuda that went 303mph and looks more like it should be in contention for our Mothers Choice Award, not lined up on the salt. And then there’s this Starliner a C/CGC car that went 204.195mph run at Bonneville Salt Flats in 2007. This was the average. The exit speed for this run was 209.125mph. The engine is a 358ci small block Ford with a Holley four barrel car, Richmond four speed transmission with a 273 geared rear end and running on 104 octane.

During a week filled with special memories our visit to Camel Toe Racing will go down as one of the most cherished days on the Tour this year.

It’s always a good feeling to make it to the next stop and see our giant Mothers goodies towering above the event.

Our final destination was the Memphis International Raceway in Millington, TN.

Hard to believe these two are related, isn’t it?

Classically done 1929 Model A Ford owned by Jim Pevia from North Little Rock, AR.

John Jahnke’s little red 1961 Corvette with a 327.

I’m a huge fan of over-styled Rat Fink creations, with extreme rake, wheelie bars, velocity stacks or superchargers but sometimes it does my mind good to see something like this.

I’m only posting this because our own Shane used to roll around in one of these Smart cars. He’s not ashamed to admit it, although he really should be.

It looks like our friends from the Budapest Speed Shop in Houston, TX won’t be able to complete their Low Power Tour in this Trabant. Glad to see they didn’t let something as petty as an inoperable car hinder their efforts to make it all the way.

Now that’s industrial strength tailgating by using a COE truck as an umbrella stand.

Yes, this makes complete sense to me because their tiny hands can fit into those hard-to-reach spaces.

I would say that I caught Courtney’s best side here, but that would imply she has a bad side. Now we all know that’s not possible.

It’s fitting that we went to the Camel Toe Racing shop earlier in this day only to see our friend, Troy Trepanier in Memphis displaying the latest build Poteet commissioned from Rad Rides, this ’69 Torino Talladega.

Troy and his team took three inches off the Talladega’s fenders, widened it by five inches and shortened the wheelbase by one inch.

Troy first showed the car in an unfinished raw metal state at the 2012 Grand National Roadster Show and the HRM crew loved it so much they shot it sans paint and powdercoat. At the time I thought Rad Rides should leave it in a bare metal state. I don’t feel that way anymore after seeing the different shades of bronze on this ’69.

That’s a real deal Boss 429 with some experimental Ford mechanical fuel-injection that the Rad Rides crew converted to EFI. This package makes 700hp.

Our friends at Magnaflow arranged for Rutledge Wood from Top Gear USA to make an appearance at the main stage.

Our own Fabulous Forrest also arranged for a special guest (and it looks like he had a lot of fun doing it). It’s Mom! Or should I say that she is our Mothers’ mother. I just hope Jim didn’t learn how to drive from Mom otherwise Ken and I stand no chance of keeping up tomorrow.

Hot Rod closed out today’s leg with a party on Beale Street.

Our next leg is a long one taking us 296.4 miles all the way from Memphis, TN to Hoover Metropolitan Stadium in Hoover, AL.

Remember you can’t wax off without waxing on first.

John Naderi
for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

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