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Hot Rod Power Tour 2013
Monday, June 3
Arkansas State Fairgrounds, Little Rock, AR

“Moving Into Razorback Country”

The beauty and the curse of the Power Tour always involves getting up too early, staying up too late and driving too far somewhere in between.

Our own Jim Holloway treated the guests of our hotel in Texarkana to a very early morning in the form of a 750hp Corvette wake up call.. From the sound of things we’re pretty sure he blew the shells off the crustaceans chilling next door. On behalf of everyone at Mothers, sorry about that.

On this Day Two of the Power Tour our route took us 178.6 miles across the great state of Arkansas from Texarkana to a little spot called Little Rock. I wonder if this Pro Stock styled Camaro is planning on going all the way. The fuel bill would probably rival my room service tab from last night (Amy, don’t ask).

Today we were treated to two scoops of sunshine in the form of the TV hostess with the mostess (and my obsession du jour) Courtney Hansen.

Perhaps after hearing about some rather messy legal business I’m currently bogged down with (some would refer to them as restraining orders) Courtney opted to ride with Shane in our super cool, supercharged 650hp RTR Mustang Spec 3.

Some degenerate stole Courtney’s purse the night before but she had little trouble finding someone to spring for her roadside snacks. I offered to buy her a car but she declined for some reason.

At times throughout the day the tight two lanes would back up a bit with traffic but the drive was a pleasant one for the most part. At least the parts I remember since I was cuddled up with dreams of Courtney dancing through my head. Seriously, I often wonder what Courtney looks like when she dances.

Here’s a nice crowd of Corvettes and Cobras.

The requisite check of all the vital fluids and the draining of others.

You’re looking at 2,500-plus horsepower worth of Power Touring power. Our blacked out, rented out Tahoe of Team Holland and Naderi never stood a chance on this leg. Not that any speed limits were exceeded. Because that would be, you know, wrong.

Forrest told us Jim was late to lunch because he had to buy a box of rocks. I’m still not convinced that Forrest isn’t planning on using this as some sort of demonstrative device with which to compare my intellect.

I wanted to make sure that Courtney was treated to the best that Arkansas had to offer for lunch. I really should update my Zagat app.

At lunch I wanted to get a picture of our motley crew with Courtney. With all apologies to Shane, Forrest, Frank, Ken and Jim I think the reason Courtney was the only one in focus was because she is just that much sharper than all of you.

From what I could gather from the Tour veterans this was the third time the Tour has passed through the Arkansas State Fair. I guess they cleaned up the place for the Tour (you see, that sign used to be made from cardboard).

And here I always thought Ken and Forrest were the other white meat.

These are the guys who make the Tour happen. Without our Big Rig crew our participation in the Tour would be limited to a few very fast bug splattered vehicles. If you see these guys at a stop give them a hearty thanks but not a reach around (I learned that the hard way). From right we have Jonathan, Jay, Steve, Troy and Robert. Thanks for making Mothers look so polished, guys!

Here’s what they build up and break down each and every single day.

Here’s one of our Big Rig boys, Robert looking contemplative. Or constipated.

Our rides getting a much-needed rest.

Holley made a bold move by displaying a clean 240SX S14. The controversy was lessened by the LSX swap under the hood.

Magnaflow’s 1949 Chevy 3100, better known as Revolver.

This was a clean example of a 1933 Chevrolet.

My favorite details were the leather hood fasteners.

This Texas “Landshark” is a ‘64 Corvette with a 7.0L LS7 swap.

Believe it or not, back in the day you could rent one of these Shelby 350 GTs from Hertz. No wonder there aren’t many survivors. We’ve been beating the hell out of our Tahoe this week and that truck is no fun at all.

I want to like “The Shaker,” a ’57 Chevy wagon from Virginia but I just can’t shake the feeling (Ha! Get it?) that you should never trailer a car on the Tour.

The Ford GT is an exotic that pays homage to the original GT 40. This was like a one-night stand supercar. Get in, cause a bunch of excitement and get out smoothly and quietly. It was only produced from 2004 to 2006 with a 550hp supercharged 5.4L mod motor.

Bill and Connie Rainey found this 1977 Ford Pinto in New Britain, CT in the fall of 2000 with only 30K on the clock. They cleaned it up and changed the factory tan paint for Zinc Yellow (a Ford color). The car was shot for the September 2011 cover story on Vogue magazine. Brian notes that the $895 shoes and $2,999 bag were more than the cost of the car when it was new.

Bill and Connie scrapped plans for a V8 swap in favor of EFI 2.3L turbo from a 1986 T-bird 2.3 Turbo Coupe and a 1986 SVO T-5 five-speed Borg-Warner transmission and factory Hurst shifter.

Jason McKeller from Mabelvale, AR built this 1966 Ford F-100.

Look at the custom F-100 grill ornament rear view mirror.

And the revolver shift knob.

But the most unique detail of Jason’s F-100 is that the 353ci small block with a six-speed is fitted with a 57mm turbo on one bank and a 58mm on the other to compensate for the unequal length plumbing.

Woody Cordell’s Red 1952 COE Chevy is no longer a cab over engine with a Vortec engine swap that now sits behind instead of underneath him.

Herb Beer (best last name ever!) from Jessieville, AR is the original owner of this one of 218 built 1967 Dodge Dart 270. The 273 makes 235hp.

News flash: tweels are trending! Check them out on this RZR side-by-side.

I love the lines on these Kaiser Darrins. It’s hard to believe these came from Michigan and not Milan.

Pat Musi Racing Engines. There is a serious bit of heritage and performance underneath those valve covers.

Gotta love this 1972 Chevy from Missouri.

With a big 540 engine.

And 31-inch Hoosiers out back.

But the owner was most proud of this custom billet parts ID plate he made himself.

Forrest tells me he’s friends with the owner of this very clean Pacer. Why does that not surprise me?

In this case the SS stands for Super Short and not Super Sport.

Looks like a typical union job. One guy working while three others supervise.

Call it a hunch but I don’t think this guy is a long hauler.

Beer makes everything better. I’m just going to leave that one right here.

Everyone smile and say, “hashtag!”

If Garmin would only come out with an iPad-sized screen then Ken would be in business.

No shoes, no shirt, no problem!

I saw these guys at the end of the day. They were having a good time. It looked so inviting but then I could have sworn I heard a banjo strumming in the background.

Tuesday will be a 201.5 mile leg to Millington, TN at the Memphis International Speedway. Whatever you do, don’t tell Jim that we’re going to a racetrack.

Remember you can’t wax off without waxing on first.

John Naderi
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2013 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 1
University of Texas at Arlington

Sunday, June 2
Four States Fairgrounds
Texarkana, AR

Monday, June 3
Arkansas State Fairgrounds
Little Rock, AR

Tuesday, June 4
Memphis International Raceway
Millington, TN

Wednesday, June 5
Hoover Metropolitan Stadium
Hoover (Birmingham), AL

Thursday, June 6
Chattanooga State Community College, Chattanooga, TN

Friday, June 7
zMAX Dragway at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, NC

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