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Hot Rod Power Tour 2013
Sunday, June 2
Four States Fairgrounds, Texarkana, AR

“Are we in Texas or Arkansas?”

Welcome to Day 2 of our 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour coverage, except that this is technically Day 1 of the Tour that we’re talking about here. Are you confused? So am I. At least we can seek comfort in the fact that we’re still not as lost as Mothers’ own Krashy Ken behind the wheel. On with this latest adventure.

After getting all of two full hours of sleep in the pampered confinement of the Springhill Suites Marriott I awoke ready to go… back to bed that is. You see, during the Tour I stay up all night putting these posts together. I do it all for you and also because Forrest gives me the worst wedgies if I don’t finish on time.

We parked at Latino’s tires across from the driver’s meeting since it should give us a fighting chance to keep up with a 1000-plus rabid Power Tourists. Here our friend Steen and his son Hunter get their gorgeous Chevelle ready for a big day on the road.

Our own Forrest also treated our ZR14MOM to a fresh treatment of Instant Detailer while Ken stood around doing his best Vanna White. Personally I thought Ken’s time would have been better served trying to figure out the basics of the nav unit in our executive class SUV, but what do I know.

While the rest of the crew worked on the cars I shirked responsibility and snuck off to the driver’s meeting. The Hot Rod magazine crew was good enough to let me stand on top of their mega Tour bus. I didn’t have the heart to tell them I just stepped in dog doodie. Sorry about the roof, guys. On another note if you see yourself in this picture please contact Kelly at Mothers who will issue you a coupon good for one back rub, administered by Amy in accounting.

Here’s a couple of pretty people who stood out from the crowd. I’m not sure who’s hotter, our own Jim Holloway or Courtney Hansen. Sorry, Jim, I’m gonna have to go with Courtney this time but you could sway the jury if you work hard enough. Let’s talk off-line.

Our Day 1 drive would take us from Arlington, TX to Texarkana, AR for a grand total of 231.2 miles. But first, we would be treated to a very special side trip.

Thanks to our friends at Magnaflow we gained access to an invite-only tour within our Tour of the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas.

We even received VIP parking at GMG. Well, everyone except for Ken and I in our spiffy, rented Tahoe.

You might know the Gas Monkey Garage crew from their Fast ‘n Loud show on the Discovery Channel.

Here’s Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings welcoming us to their garage while our friend Tim “Skyskrape” Katz looks on.

Our new friend, Kirsten Wright from Magnaflow was the one who organized this little treat. I have a confession to make. I once sent an email to Kirsten and I mistakenly addressed her as “Kristen” and for that, I feel terrible. Kristen, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. Did I do it again? Ugh. I’m sorry for that one too. I’ll stop now and get on with the tour.

Nice lookin’ shop if I don’t say so myself.

This looks like a ’39 Ford Deluxe Tudor sedan parked under the arrow and ready to go under the knife at Gas Monkey.

This Pontiac Bonneville also looked to be a work in progress.

Not sure if this one is finished or not. You never can tell with a bare metal roof anymore. Kids these days!

The tank and wheels on this V-twin were awesome but nothing compared to the Ohlins dampers with remote reservoirs.

It would appear that the expertise of the Gas Monkey Garage extends further than the hot rod world as evidenced by this Ferrari California.

This post-apocalyptic Mustang convertible was one of my personal GMG favorites. Looks like something out of a Mad Max or zombie killer movie. Or maybe a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. 

At the front of the shop there is a store where we found some cool Gas Monkey memorabilia and apparel.

Ken was shopping for a GMG-branded jaunty hat.

While Forrest was in search of the perfect gift for Shane. I didn’t want to be rude so I asked the young lady what part of her body she likes to call, “monkey.” It was about this time that Shane and Ken told me to go take more pictures.

Which I totally did! No matter that Shane’s too tall for this bike he wanted it. I could tell because that’s his I-want-it face. Or constipation. Shortly after this photo was taken Shane modeled those red boots for us.

Outside we found Aaron washing this pristine roadster.

Here I am about to fall off of a couple of apple boxes trying to take a picture. Thanks to Forrest for the shot.

And here’s my image. I like Forrest’s shot better.

Here’s our Mustang RTR Spec 3 hard parked in front of the Gas Monkey Garage.

And here’s the Magnaflow and Mothers crews posing with the Gas Monkey Garage team.

Skyskrape and Jim hit it off.

So much so that Jim let him drive the Spec 3 to Texarkana.

After leaving the Gas Monkeys we topped off our tanks.

Some tanks required more topping off than others like the thirsty 750hp Grand Sport Corvette.

Here’s Tap Out front man Skyskrape stretching the legs of the RTR Spec 3.

While we let the Hot Rod magazine boys wring out the RTR Spec 2. It is their Tour after all.

We’re pretty sure that Forrest has a spread sheet documenting every mile marker from each leg of the Tour that he’s been on, which is pretty much all of them. Ever.

Jim didn’t share the Grand Sport with anyone. That’s it, we’re telling mom.

Even though they didn’t have a red car we let Steen and his son Hunter roll with us.

While trucks are the preferred mode of transport in Texas, here’s something you don’t see, well, never. The guys from Circle Track magazine bought this authentic, real-deal NASCAR race truck in Florida where they were able to register it with little hassle (leave it to Florida). This thing was fast (it is a race truck afterwards) until it lost a driveline component and ignition coil.

Here’s our crew about to leap into action upon learning of the troubles of the Circle Trackers. Nobody leaped, per se, but Jerry Pitt sauntered off with a purposeful pace.

I did what I can to help, which is to say I took pictures before asking Ken to take me motorboating. What’s so funny? Mothers does have a line of Marine Products after all. Why not indulge in a little market research.

After Ken shot down my boating request even after I received approval from accounting (just go with it, Amy, I’ll fill you in later) I told him I would settle for a fried pie. Man, they will fry anything down in these here parts.

Apparently they will also put just about anything on a stick, including trucks!

We regrouped at a CVS where I was able to pop in and get Amy a thank you card for approving all my entertainment expenses on this year’s Tour (again, just go with it, Amy, I’ll fill you in later).

Horsepower? Nothing special. “Only” 1,400hp between these two cars alone.

Back on the road to Texarkana we caught the Spec 3 and Spec 2 RTR siblings having a family moment.

Today’s route was a good one.

The Exhaustaholics joined us in their Mustang.

I still find it amazing to see cars like this pristine tri-five on the road.

Sometimes things go wrong on the Tour but people are always willing to stop and help. I wasn’t sure what this guy needed so I took his picture and high-fived him as we sped past.

This was a welcome sight.

After a bit of Tour traffic…

We made our way into Four States Fairgrounds.

Our big rig went canopy-free at this stop allowing the sun to shine on down.

Sunlight doesn’t agree with our Big Rig crewmember, Steve, who must have borrowed one of Ken’s jaunty hats so he could keep working away.

Before you ask, this fender was not removed by one of Ken’s poorly positioned parking maneuvers. It’s actually part of our tech demos that our Big Rig crew does at every stop of the Tour.

While at the booth I was really proud of this picture I took of our Big Rig set up.

Until I saw this one from Forrest. Don’t you have something to sell, Forrest? Like your camera?

One thing that was selling well in Texarkana was our Tour t-shirts.

Here’s our man Troy with another satisfied customer.

Some customers would prefer the shirts off our backs, like Tom Zorn Jr., the “Diamond Digging Sasquatch Hunting Poet,” who worked out a trade with Mothers' own Jim. I think Tom got the better end of the deal.

I thought this C10 with the Dakota Digital display was slammed about as low as one could go…

Until I saw this green number.

The lines on the ’59 El Camino are unrivaled…

Unless you’re talking about these two beauties.

These two have taken tailgating to another level. I like how the tonneau makes for a perfect place to set your boots.

Trucks may be popular in this part of the country but I can’t imagine too many of them are Volkswagen Type 2s.

The ’71-’73 Mach One, with its fastback bodyline is unlike any Mustang before or since.

While this 1977 AMC Pacer Station Wagon is arguably unlike any other car before or since. At least its 350ci V8 makes 400hp.

I would say history has been more kind to the shape of this Packard Six.

Is this Cobra the real deal? Or for that matter can any of the continuation models produced by Shelby today be called real? While a bunch of speculators can sit around and debate authenticity I just like the way these Cobras look, sound and drive, regardless of whether they’re “real.”

Classic Ford roadster.

1923 Ford T bucket.

Another roadster.

And finally the Currie Enterprises roadster.

Murray Pfaff’s Imperial Speedster engine bay looks just a fluid as the exterior of the car.

1930 Ford with...

the world’s most perfect personalized plates...

And some heritage going back to 1973. I think it’s cool that he kept the car, but I’d be more impressed if he still has the tux. Play on, playa.

Excuse me, but it appears that the underside of your bonnet has been tagged although the cruise special does sound quite appetizing.

Found this ’51 Ford Tudor Shoebox called “Forgiven” and built by Divine 1 Customs at the Kicker rig.

This bomb’s military theme extends to the inside.

After Star Wars Mark Hamill made Corvette Summer, which includes a scene with a topless Annie Potts. Every time I see one of these C3 Stingray Corvettes I think of that movie. And Annie Potts’ angel cakes.

This would look like a clean restomod Camaro SS...

Were it not for the honkin’ blower breaking out of the hood.

This ’66 Chevelle had a mean looking stance to it.

The beer keg fuel cell only added to the scowl.

As did the wheelie bars and 31-inch Hoosiers.

All of which were no doubt prompted by this substantial supercharger.

At one time this was an innocent ’51 GMC before it was ratted out.

The makeover included a mailbox intake of all things.

And a beer keg fuel cell among other interesting touches.

Power Tourists are a tough breed with a never-say-die attitude.

Who knew primer could look so good.

Especially on this Henry J.

Complete with a  383 stroker.

Kids, please don’t feed the animals or they will follow you home, much like me.

This yellow ’55 Chevy will conclude our Day One Tour coverage.

Tomorrow we’ll be headed to the Arkansas State Fair in Little Rock, AR. It’s only a hop, skip and 178.6-mile jump away. Wake me when we get there.

Remember you can’t wax off without waxing on first.

John Naderi
for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

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2013 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 1
University of Texas at Arlington

Sunday, June 2
Four States Fairgrounds
Texarkana, AR

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Arkansas State Fairgrounds
Little Rock, AR

Tuesday, June 4
Memphis International Raceway
Millington, TN

Wednesday, June 5
Hoover Metropolitan Stadium
Hoover (Birmingham), AL

Thursday, June 6
Chattanooga State Community College, Chattanooga, TN

Friday, June 7
zMAX Dragway at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, NC

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