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Rod Power

“How did I end up here again?”

2012 marks the 18th year of the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour. That’s almost two decades deep. In 1994 the price of a gallon of gas was $1.09, the iPod wasn’t invented yet, and it would be another decade before we could like peoples’ Facebook statuses and watch piano playing cats on YouTube. It makes you wonder what we did to entertain ourselves (before you ask, Viagra wasn’t invented until ’98). Fortunately for us, Ken Holland and Forrest Tosie did exist in ’94 (and many, many, many years prior, too).

For those of us who could not attend the first Power Tour because of work, school or just not being alive yet, Ken and Forrest worked tirelessly to document everything on this hot rodder’s fantasy road trip. This was made even more impressive by the fact that the World Wide Web only came into existence a mere four years earlier, at a time when high-speed internet access wasn’t exactly a common amenity at your basic road side motel.

From what I understand it was impossibly difficult work, but Ken and Forrest did it solely to share their love for hot rods on the open road with their fellow car fanatics. To hear these two tell it, they might as well have been crossing the Continental Divide in a covered wagon… with square wheels!   

This is where I come in. After 16 Tours of duty, Ken and Forrest relinquished the digital reigns to my charge last year. I’d like to think it was because of my qualifications, as this wasn’t my first rodeo (that was in ’99 -- I was a clown!). But it was probably because I was the only one stupid enough to volunteer. I thought, how hard could this be? I had a fancy digital camera, a computer that fits on my lap (yes, my lap is shaped like a rectangle, please don’t judge) and a smart phone. A very smart phone (possibly even smarter than me).

It turns out posting our Mothers® Polish Power Tour coverage is hard work, much too much for a feckless ne’er-do-well such as myself. But getting out of Power Tour duty around these parts after only one year is more difficult than terminating a gym membership.

This year looks to be even more taxing for me than last year. In addition to our daily coverage, the Mothers® Big Rig will be back with giveaways, tech seminars and some of our finest car care products on sale. We’re also producing special edition Mothers® Power Tour stickers, which are sure to be future collectors items! There are some whispers around the water cooler about what we’re going to be driving, but we’ll keep that a secret until later, and I'll be sure to include them on the daily coverage.

So as you can see, this daunting task is becoming far too much work for me. What I am saying -- microwaveable mac and cheese is too much work for me. That said, I need help taking pictures (I need help in many other areas too but pictures are a good start). So I’m relying on the power of the Mothers® Polish Fanatics who are coming on the Hot Rod Power Tour with us. This is where you come in. This year we’ll be holding daily photo contests where you can win one of our super duper Mothers® Detailing Kits.

Winning is easy. Just follow these simple steps. Post a picture from the Power Tour on the Mothers® Polish Facebook page at Each day the picture with the most Likes will win a super duper Mothers® Ultimate Wax System® detail kit. Every night at the stroke of midnight (12:00 am EDT) we’ll start another contest. These Mothers® Daily Photo Contests will continue forever! Oops, correction. Amy from Accounting just told me that our Mothers® Daily Photo Contests will only continue for the duration of the Tour, which is still way cool.

Pictures can be of anything on the Power Tour but you must take them on this year’s event, which means no submissions of Ken in his Jaunty hat from ’98. And remember to keep them PG-13 and clean (just the way we like our cars) because we’re a family-friendly group. Here are some ideas to get your mind going: car pictures (of good and um, not so good cars), roadside attractions, license plates, Mothers® Polish product placement (always a winner in our book) and even celebrities (does Forrest Tosie count?). Take a look at these images from last year’s Tour: 

A hot rod with a cool background is always a crowd pleaser.

Sometimes a vehicle with a more, ahem, unique approach will get a lot of Likes just for shock value alone.

If you’re in the right place at the right time you could stumble upon an amazing photo opp.

Like action movies, everyone loves a good action shot.

Maybe it will take an artistic approach to win over the fans.

Celebrity sightings are always winners. Hi, Jack and Troy Trepanier!

You could always get Jurassic with it.

And of course we always like if you can work our favorite logo or product into a shot, like this Hemilicious one.

So there you have it. The 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour is upon us and because I’m too lazy to do my own work I’m willing to reward you with cool prizes for your photos. See ya in Detroit!

Remember you can’t wax off without waxing on first.

John Naderi
for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

Hot Rod Power Tour Event Level Sponsor

2012 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 2
GM Proving Grounds - Milford
Detroit, MI

Sunday, June 3
Downtown Muskegon
Muskegon, MI

Monday, June 4
Assembly Hall, Univ. of Illinois
Champaign, IL

Tuesday, June 5
Gateway Motorsports Park
Madison, IL

Wednesday, June 6
Buffalo Run Casino
Miami, OK

Thursday, June 7
Oklahoma State Univ.
Stillwater, OK

Friday, June 8
QuickTrip Park
Arlington, TX

Saturday, June 9
Long Haulers Ceremony
(Location TBD)
Arlington, TX

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