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Hot Rod Power Tour 2012
Friday, June 8
Quiktrip Park in Arlington, TX

“We Throw Caution to the Wind and Mess With Texas”

Day Six is a sad day. Because with the push into Texas, Day Six is the last of the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour. The last day of any Power Tour is a sad one for us, and we don’t want to be sad. Instead of mourning the end of a Tour well-lived, we choose to celebrate the good times that we’ve had.

The dawn of Day Six was a great one, and how could it not be after the palatial rooms we stayed in at the Residence Inn by Marriott in Stillwater. For a business-style hotel, these were some of the finest rooms we’ve ever stayed in (and we’ve stayed in our fair share, yes, we’re cheap like that). In all honesty, we are not receiving any kickbacks from Marriott (not that we are opposed to such measures). In fact, Forrest and Ken were hatching some sort of plot to steal the cabinetry from various Residence Inn locations for use in their homes. Not that we would do anything like that. Regardless, we awoke refreshed. Shane was ready to resume his quest for more Sweet Gorgonzola dressing, Forrest was on the hunt for more famous dead people, Jim was all set to do more burnouts, Ken was focused on not trying to kill anyone with the rental car, and no matter how much rest I had, again I was in the mood for a nap.

Once on the road we stumbled upon this pristine Mach 1 all the way from Ontario, Canada. If the tags are to be believed the owner was either 21 when the car was introduced or he got the pony car when he was 21. When Forrest was 21, he had a Pinto. Not sure if that has any bearing on the conversation but we just wanted to mention it.   

The midday stop for this last leg of the Tour was a special one. And this guy directing traffic was giving Ken’s jaunty hat a run for its money.

Today the good people at Covercraft Industries, Inc. played host. We took a behind-the-scenes look at how these covers are made right here at their Pauls Valley, OK headquarters, indulged in some refreshing food and drinks, and listened to some great music before getting back on the road.

These little Singers were getting a lot of use on the factory floor.

Here are some of the finished products on display. A good quality cover is a must for any Power Tourist worth his or her salt.

This was a cute touch, unless of course the water bottles were filled with ethylene glycol instead of water. Then there’d be nothing funny about that.

We spotted this guy’s rat rod, which featured electronic injection and hand controls on Day Five. We have no idea how he managed to get in and out of that chopped Ford, but he seemed to do it with ease, and made the drive to Texas all the way from New York via Detroit. You sir, are our hero!

Steve and Sheila’s 1932 Wayne Body “Cool Bus” is fitted with a 500cid V8 and a 35/36 Chevy Truck front end.

We’re not entirely sure how that spray-on bedliner works, but from what we understand for the best results you’re supposed to apply it liberally to the inside of your bed.

When Helen Thomas gave up her seat in the White House press briefing room, we heard that the Pauls Valley Gazette was one of the finalists to fill it. True story.

Oh, the sights you’ll see from behind the wheel on the Tour. Call us fickle, but this one doesn’t exactly engender the bucolic, back-road feeling we’re trying to capture here.

This is more like it.

Our lunch stop at Braum’s was a delight for all the senses, as the food was tasty and Forrest’s witty repartee with a rapier wit by the name of Langdon, was most delicious.

We stumbled upon this family of Power Tourists getting a bite at Braum’s. You know what they say, “The family that plays on Power Tour together, stays on Power Tour together.” We would hope so, since dad is the only one with keys to the car.

Welcome to Cowboy country.

When Ken told us there was a guy hanging out of the window of a Power Tour car, how is it that before we could even turn around we instinctively knew it would be a Chevelle. The yellow paint was just a bonus.

After 267 miles, it was anything but a QuikTrip, but it sure was an epic end as we arrived in Arlington, TX.

Our Mothers® Polish fleet of friends and family.

Jim Holloway’s 572 cubic inch big-block burnout maker.

It wasn’t enough for us to get this rare shot of Trucker John Schafer…

We brought the entire Mothers® Big Rig crew together for a group shot (and a group hug!). From left: Jeremy Chance, Steven Polen, Robert Gonzales, John Schafer, Johnny Omundson from Obrothers Design and Jim Holloway (team leader Jonathan Stone was not shown because he was out working until the bitter end!). These are the guys who work ceaselessly for seven days, racing from stop to stop in our big rig, setting up and breaking down daily what is essentially a complete self-contained rolling showroom with display vehicles, technical demonstration stages, product displays and retail sales all for the pleasure of the Power Tourists. Thank you for the tireless dedication and for making the Power Tour so much more than just a Hot Rod road trip.

In Texas all spokesmodels, such as Miss Magnaflow, must wear cowboy boots. We think it’s in the State constitution.

Even the Traxxas RC cars do it bigger in Texas.

David Starsky’s Gran Torino, the Striped Tomato, or quite simply, Zebra Three.

The Tremec T-5 5-Speed is a Hot Rod staple, like a Jim is to burnouts or a Forrest is to trivia.

We think Mothers® should have a coach like this for the Power Tour. Make it happen, Amy from accounting.

This ’68 Mercury Cyclone GT has over 240,000 miles. It’s a daily-driven, original-owner car with a 428 engine-swap. According to the owner, “My wife and I dated in this car, went on our honeymoon in this car. I drove my wife to the hospital to have our kids in this car. I drive this car daily. I use it to pull our camper. I do have another car.” After hearing all of this it makes it that much harder to believe how clean this Mercury is.

This is Hunter’s Nova. Dusold Designs in Lewisville, TX built this matte black beast.

Not only does Hunter’s Nova walk the walk, the twin turbo V8 looks like it talks the talk with a pair of Turbonetics snails.

K&N bought this car for $11,000 when it was 45 years old from a private owner in Hemet, CA. It sat in the K&N race shop for years with primer and nearly completed, but when the Chevy turned fifty, there was a sudden urgency to restore it for the 2005 SEMA Show. And it still looks great today.

The K&N ‘55’s engine is a Reedy built ZZ383 that makes 475hp @ 6,000rpm with GM Performance Fast Burn aluminum heads and a 4 barrel, single plane intake manifold, JE Pistons 10.0:1 compression pistons, Scat rods and a Comp Cams cam. Of course the air cleaner is a K&N Engineering, Inc. 14-inch XStream Assembly, there’s also a Keisler Engineering Borg Warner T56 transmission, Currie Enterprises 9-Plus rear end with 4:30 gears and an Art Morrison Tri-5 Chassis under this orange crusher.

There was also a special burnout contest at QuikTrip Park. However, our Jim Holloway never seems to need a special contest as a reason to do a burnout.

Taking pictures of these contests always proves to be a challenge.

As we can never get a good picture of the winners.

Even the police bikes are bigger and badder in Texas.

During this last Power Tour stop, Optima Batteries also hosted a qualifying event for its Ultimate Street Car Challenge Invitational, which traditionally takes place at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park right after the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. One of the top contenders was import drag racing star, Kenny Tran, in his Jotech R35 Nissan Skyline.

This Smokey and the Bandit TA had problems on the Optima course going any which way but straight.

In Texas a man is never far from his hat. Speaking of Smokey and the Bandit Forrest reminded us that in that film Burt Reynolds tells Sally Fields he only takes his hat off for one thing. Is it church, Forrest?

Ratted Nomad with louvered “GON MAD” tags.

Phillip Lee West’s 1964 Chevy C-10 short bed with a 502 Ram Jet looks so right in Texas.

This is just perfect for taking 12 of your very close friends out to the ranch for the weekend.

Wayne Ostrander’s ’72 Olds Cutlass with a 455 and four-speed Muncie transmission. Is this a real Hurst Olds?

A very clean Chevy truck…

With a ratted-out tailgate. Normally we would not approve, but the Hank Williams bumper sticker makes it all right.

More trucks in Texas.

We would have thought the oppressive Texas heat would have melted that old-fashioned ice cream soda, but it looked great all day unlike our socks, which weren’t so fresh after day tripping around QuikTrip Park.

This 1962 International is the Chuck Norris of Scouts.

More from the Texas truck files where these two Chevys look like new models framing this classic Ford with a truck bed.

The Texas Shark wants us to follow him to Hooters and who are we to argue.

This RP Z/28 model was introduced in 1967 and offered to special, in-the-know dealers, to homologate these special purpose built warriors for the newly founded Trans-Am road racing series. Only 602 were ever produced. Many became full-on racecars and they dominated the Trans-Am series as well as their classes in the drag racing ranks. This is one of the very few still retaining all its original drivetrain and most of its sheet metal in its factory-as-delivered condition.

This green 1970 Chevrolet is perhaps the smoothest Impala we have ever seen.

What do you think of the size and style of these contemporary-looking wheels on this classic ’57 wagon? We say to each his (or her) own although some might argue that it would be like a nice, girl-next-door type getting some big, fake, erm nails. We happen to like both fake and real nails, but we understand that the debate rages on.

At first we laughed at this old chest, but then we realized that a light blue Samsonite American Tourister roller bag would look rather silly in the bed of this truck. Although it must be rough getting that one into a hotel elevator. 

Convertible Coupe de Ville!

In a sea of El Caminos we give you, the Ranchero.

Judging by the chair we’d say these guys are fans of maple leaves. Or maple syrup. A couple of relaxed Power Tourists who give new meaning to the term, “Long Hauler.”

See this guy…

He brought this car. He calls it the PT Bruiser because it’s fitted with a RWD conversion powered by a blown 383. He just might be mad, which makes us love him even more.

Slammed C10.

With a mean body drop. Yes, the tire is in the engine bay.

The fins of Bel Air.

We couldn’t resist showing this double blower set-up one more time.

The front plate reads, “ Paint by Mother Nature and Father Time.”

While the plate on this Corvair reads, “CORVATE.”

No doubt because the owner pulled the stock flat-six in favor of a small block V8.

Each year on the Power Tour and by the time we reach the last stop, sights like these are on the rise.

Rather than pack it all in if something goes wrong, many a Power Tourer will beg, borrow or steal a ride (or just rent one, which is far easier) in order to finish. These people suffered the loss of an ’87 Turbo Regal and were relegated to a POS rental car. Ha! Wait a minute, we did the Tour in a POS rental car. We retract our, “Ha!”

After 1,566 miles the 18th edition of the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour is in the books. We’re already counting the days until next year.

But we’re not done with this year’s coverage yet. We’ll be posting massive galleries on both our Power Tour Blog and Facebook pages along with an epilogue to wrap everything up until we do it all over again in 2013. Stay tuned.

Remember you can’t wax off without waxing on first.

John Naderi
for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

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Buffalo Run Casino
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Long Haulers Ceremony
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