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Hot Rod Power Tour 2012
Wednesday, June 6
Buffalo Run Casino, Miami, OK

“We Roll the Dice as we Roll Into the Buffalo Run Casino on The Tourís Longest Day”

Three hundred and fifty five miles of hard running through America’s heartland. This is what the Hot Rod magazine Power Tour is all about, and this fourth day was to be the longest of this year’s Tour. 

It wouldn’t make sense to visit America’s heartland in anything less than America’s sports car, specifically the range-topping ZR1. And who better to drive our ZR1 4 MOM other than Forrest Tosie, who has graced us with his presence for the latter half of the Tour.

Well before we pried open our crusty eyelids, our own Jim Holloway was appearing on the Hometown Today morning news show to talk about our Pro-Pane Chevelle.

Check out the video by clicking the image above.

Here’s the project manager of our Pro-Pane Project, Johnny Omundson with Dr. Jaime Meyer of GM Performance Parts and our own Jim Holloway on the set of Hometown Today.

While Pro-Pane and company were waking up the heartland with 925hp worth of blown LSX 454 goodness, we were trying to keep up with Forrest’s rather judicious application of the ZR1’s 638 horses.

Dissecting Illinois and Missouri is none other than that great river, the Mighty Mississippi; also known as Old Man River and the Big Muddy. Ironically these last two are the same sort of phrases Forrest uses to describe his bodily functions.

Thank you, Missouri, but we won’t be staying long.

This guy is taking the term “mobile home” way too literally.

Here’s Forrest demonstrating the proper way to safely cross over the broken-yellow on a two-lane road (just in time, too!). Our own Krispy Ken could take a lesson here, but then that would mean we’d have to let him drive again. We could tell you the reasoning behind all of this but that would mean reliving the trauma. And we’re just not ready for that. Not yet.

After some time on the road, a pit stop was called for to fill our tanks and empty our… well, let’s just say we learned the hard way about bringing a 64oz coffee-filled travel mug on the Power Tour.

This is always a common sight on the Power Tour. We can’t explain it, but these people just love their mandals. Oh yes, and they like to make sure their cars are well-maintained.

Forrest got gas (and this was before he ate lunch!) and even remembered to get a receipt. It shouldn’t matter if it was dated in March, of 2010, should it? Ugh, Amy from accounting is such a stickler.

Judging by the attraction of the mural alone, Dottie’s diner at the Truck Port truck stop looked like a great lunch choice. What could possibly go wrong? Okay, many things could go wrong so we chose not to try Dottie’s for lunch.

Back on the road we spotted some nice Power Tourers.

And even a Superbird.

While we would never celebrate the issuance of a moving violation we have to laugh when there are literally thousands of high-horsepower hot rods making their way across country and the person with the beige Maxima is the one who gets pulled over.

Since Forrest seemingly knows each and every single restaurant in the entire country, he introduced us to Dickey’s Barbeque Pit.

At lunch we introduced our Australian friends to the concept of pulled pork. From right, George Syder and Robert Kennedy (who brought the thunder from down under), our own Forrest and Shane (who was exchanging sweet nothings with Krispy Ken when this was taken).

After lunch I fell into a food coma, which I like to refer to as a creative summit between my eyes and lids.

“OOOOk-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain.” Excuse us while we go kick our own asses for quoting a show tune.

Gridlock in all directions leading into Buffalo Run.

Ready to get the Power Tour party started.

When this guy started waving his little pink flag, we paid attention. And never once did we make disparaging remarks about his little pink flag. It’s a personal rule of ours to never crack wise to anyone who uses chain links as button clasps.

As usual the main stage was packed. Forrest even got on stage to give away some great Mothers® car care products too but he was having a bad hair day and his people insisted that we refrain from any still photos.

Super Sport stripes from above.

Today our Mothers® Big Rig featured this nitrous-infused chopper, which looked so right next to our ’67 El Camino.

Eric Brubakken’s 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass 468ci proudly wearing the brown.

We think it’s safe to say that these guys will eat your lunch.

Taking Bobby Phillips’ 1929 Ford Coupe head on.

We’d be remiss right now if we didn’t point out that our Mothers® Polish California Gold® Metal Polish is also safe to use on brass and copper.

This New York rat features a supercharger and electronic fuel injection. But this isn’t its most unique feature.

The most unique feature would have to be the hand controls on the steering column.

Will the owner of the blue ZR1 report to the parking lot immediately to move your car, or at least paint it yellow?

Here is a rare sight on the Power Tour -- a classic Porsche.

Even rarer still and perhaps much more controversial is this Nissan 240SX S14 chassis. The 240 is the preferred platform of drifters around the world, but it’s one of the last choices for hot rodders.

Does the V8 swap make this 240 more or less controversial?

These teardrop trailers are becoming more popular on the Tour. This one has all the amenities that a home away from home should have.

But we prefer this one…

Because it comes with this sweet matching Studebaker.

This guy cannot just pop his hood at Power Tour. He needs to open the rear suicide doors and tilt the bed, too. Show off.

Steve Beauregard’s 1934 Ford Coupe features a 350 topped with a B&M Blower.

Another member of Team America, F Yeah! Leaon King from New Boston, TX and his 1977 Dodge Tradesman 200 van.

There is just something so appealing about a pretty lady who’s not afraid to get a little dirty in order to keep her car clean.

We just cannot tell if this is a real Cobra. But we can tell you the owner has a real pair after spinning out at 157mph on a straight recently at Hallett Motor Speedway. It’s safe to say that he is not afraid of rock chips.

Speaking of rock chips, read this. Gets me all teary-eyed. But this is the type of story that makes the Power Tour all that more special.

And here is the owner. Leonard and Linda Dieker’s 1932 Ford truck has a four-cylinder diesel and a five-speed. Leonard told us that our Mothers® Big Rig staff was invaluable on this Power Tour. After an oil leak coated the entire frame and undercarriage, our tech experts talked Leonard through the steps and product needed to clean up his ’32.

Sometimes it seems these rat rod builders spend more time worrying about the paint on their wheels instead of their body panels. And Wendell Bailitt’s 1950 GMC truck is a perfect example of this. Silly, rat rodders!

Makes sense to us.

Brian Taylor’s GMC truck. When asked to describe the type on his Power Tour spec sheet Brian wrote, “25 words a minute.” Brian’s got jokes!

It’s easy to understand how the owner of this ’55 truck is livin’ loud with the yellow paint and those injectors. This one screams both literally and figuratively.

The bright pink hue and ghosted in Breast Cancer ribbon on this Challenger caught our attention.

The owner told us how this car belonged to friends Sue and Tim Voges – Sue was an Illinois State Police sergeant and Tim is a captain with the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office. After Sue lost her battle with breast cancer in 2010, Sue's husband Tim gave her the car and she campaigns it to remember her friend and raise breast cancer awareness. Quite the enduring monument to a life cut short. Another teary-eyed story.

Nick Herzfeldt’s 1969 Mercury Montego is so clean you could eat off of it. Not that we would ever eat off your car, Nick.

Thunderbirds are go!

We hope there is a very good reason for trailering this one, because no matter how nice the car, you are not getting the full Power Tour experience unless you’re driving. No trailer queens!

Take a look at the engine set-up on this Chevy C-10 Cheyenne.

Dual BDS blowers with evil eyes. We cannot even imagine what this one sounds like.

We know Callahan Customs is probably not related to the fictitious Callahan Brakes in Tommy Boy but after seeing this sign we can’t help but sing, “Fat man in a little coat.”

Mean-looking Pro-Touring Camaro.

Speaking of mean-looking, this Chevy truck is completely blacked-out, murdered-out or Vadered-out, but whatever you want to call it, this truck is intimidating.

This 1959 Cadillac says, “Thank yuh. Thank yuh very much.”

Just in case you were wondering how to tell the difference between the ’33 and ’34 rear ends.

It must hurt this 5.0 owner’s pride to bring his Mustang to the GM Motor Medics.

All joking aside, the GM Motor Medics were doing a brisk business repairing any Power Tour car, whether they were GM models or not.

So this is what it means to be sitting in the weeds.

If you can guess what kind of car this is, you can win… our enduring gratitude. What, isn’t that enough incentive?

Two '64s in a ’57 driving 66. We thought this was the best window sticker we’ve seen on Tour.

Until we saw this. 

Day Five of the Tour will roll on for 237 miles from Miami, OK to the Oklahoma State University, instead of Kicker’s corporate headquarters in Stillwater, OK. Stay tuned!

Remember you can’t wax off without waxing on first.

John Naderi
for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

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2012 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 2
GM Proving Grounds - Milford
Detroit, MI

Sunday, June 3
Downtown Muskegon
Muskegon, MI

Monday, June 4
Assembly Hall, Univ. of Illinois
Champaign, IL

Tuesday, June 5
Gateway Motorsports Park
Madison, IL

Wednesday, June 6
Buffalo Run Casino
Miami, OK

Thursday, June 7
Oklahoma State Univ.
Stillwater, OK

Friday, June 8
QuickTrip Park
Arlington, TX

Saturday, June 9
Long Haulers Ceremony
(Location TBD)
Arlington, TX

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