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Hot Rod Power Tour 2012
Saturday, June 2
GM Proving Grounds - Milford, Detroit, MI

“Before You Can Party on the Power Tour, First You Must Pre-Party”

Before you wax your car we always recommend a good pre-wax cleaner like our California Gold Pure Polish. And before you can party on the Power Tour, we would recommend the same advice. The Hot Rod Power Tour Pre-Party always makes for a grand kick-off and this year was no exception. For this, the Hot Rod Power Tour’s 18th annual edition, the festivities began in Motor City itself, Detroit, Michigan – more specifically GM’s Milford Proving Grounds. You only need to look at this picture to get an idea of what a huge party the Power Tour has become. Look at all of those people. Look at all of those big rigs. Look at that El Camino monster truck! And we all know it isn’t a party until someone breaks out an El Camino monster truck.

After the pre-party, the 2012 Power Tour will wind its way south making five separate stops (and our favorite part – five separate parties!) before ending up at the final destination at Arlington, Texas at QuikTrip Park. 

But first the Power Tour needed to storm Milford. Where else can you see a Ford T-Bucket leading a third gen Camaro into a show?

Or you could be like these black tri-five birds of a feather. Conformity never looked so sweet.

We always try to bring something special to the Power Tour and this year is no exception. Behold, our Mothers® Polish 1970 Chevelle, aka “Pro-Pane.” This car has been a pet project of our own Jim Holloway for some time now, and we are so excited to see it out of the shop and into the mix at the Power Tour.

What’s in a name, you ask? Well, our “Pro-Pane” is fitted with a GM LSX 454 Crate Engine topped with a Magnuson supercharger.  When the Magnuson hits 12-10psi of boost the Pro-Pane is good for 925hp @5,900rpm and 954.8 lb-ft of torque at 3,500 and it's all powered by propane. Yes, our 1,000hp Chevelle is mean and green.

This beauty in the Magnuson Superchargers booth was the HPP Daytona. A late model Challenger with classic Superbird visual cues.

The Pfaff Designs 1959 Chrysler Speedster was one of our 2011 Mothers Choice Award winners. We spotted this car last year on the Tour but that doesn’t mean that we’ll ever get tired of looking at it.

Hurst 442 Olds is a golden oldie.

455 cubic inch Rocket V8.

Is this a 1969 Shelby GT-350? With a 351 Windsor? Anyone? Bueller?

The purists among us might not approve of the color-matched bumpers on this ’57 and to those people we say, “Go suck on a lemon.” Bonus points for the contemporary trim work and deep Cabernet color.

Capri V6 with a widebody treatment. Hot rod meets tuner.

If any car should feel at home at Milford it’s this one. The ZL1 Camaro with a 580hp supercharged 6.2L mill underwent much of its chassis development right here at the Milford Proving Grounds. Right after the engineers picked the Corvette parts bin clean.

The Firebreather looks like a Firebird but is a 2011 Camaro. Identity crisis aside its all business under the shaker hood with a 600hp Edelbrock-supercharged 6.2L V8.

Get a minivan. You can take the kids to school. While we’re at it we’ll just start wearing black socks with sandals and eat egg salad sandwiches. On white bread. With the crusts trimmed. No thank you. If it were up to us our kids would be chauffeured to school in one of these – the CTS-V wagon. Somehow, this one manages to look even meaner than the coupe or sedan.

Ebony and Ivory. Black and white. Yin and Yang. Art and Science meet art deco. Such a stark contrast going on here.

Looks to be a ’50 Olds Rocket V-8 convertible with a frenched headlight treatment and some shaved trim pieces. We like this one.

You’re probably expecting us to remind you of what sort of stuff you can expect to see when this baby hits 88 mph. But what we can’t stop thinking about is what this baby would look like if we hit it with some of our Mag & Aluminum Polish.

When monster truck mashes up with car you get… Trar!

If they asked us to sign the hood we would probably write, “Paint me.”

Looks may be deceiving, as Edward R. Wasem’s 1950 Buick Sedanette may not look like much from the outside. Until you learn that it’s LT1 powered.

There’s something so right about this picture. PYT DIY. We'll have to give her a bottle of our new Caifornia Gold Chrome Polish -- it'll work much better on those factory chrome rims.

Not only is this young lady smart enough to use Mothers®, her shirt is also period correct for her ride. At least that’s what Krispy Ken tells us.

We just can’t bring ourselves to call this one a little red wagon.

This one however, is the world’s coolest kiddie kart. All we had growing up were a few Hot Wheels. And those orange tracks, which we put to good use as weapons in the war between siblings.

The line for our Mothers® car care products, t-shirts and swag was long all day at Milford.

See, we told you it was long!

We have yet to spot the ever-elusive North American, red-breasted Forrest. But the Tour has yet to embark. Tomorrow is Day One where we’ll travel to Downtown Muskegon, Michigan. Stay tuned.

Remember you can’t wax off without waxing on first.

John Naderi
for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

Hot Rod Power Tour Event Level Sponsor

2012 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 2
GM Proving Grounds - Milford
Detroit, MI

Sunday, June 3
Downtown Muskegon
Muskegon, MI

Monday, June 4
Assembly Hall, Univ. of Illinois
Champaign, IL

Tuesday, June 5
Gateway Motorsports Park
Madison, IL

Wednesday, June 6
Buffalo Run Casino
Miami, OK

Thursday, June 7
Oklahoma State Univ.
Stillwater, OK

Friday, June 8
QuickTrip Park
Arlington, TX

Saturday, June 9
Long Haulers Ceremony
(Location TBD)
Arlington, TX

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