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Rod Power

“Where do I even begin?”

Where do I even begin? How about with some apprehension, intimidation, shock, awe and just little bit of Wayne and Garth's "we're-not-worthy" shtick thrown in for good measure. For I am following in the flip-flopped footsteps of greatness here because Forrest "Toastie" Tosie and "Krispy" Ken Holland have been covering The Hot Rod Power Tour on behalf of Mothers with daily updates since the very first edition.

I'm John Naderi. I'm new around these parts and I'll be your misguided guide for the 2011 Power Tour. As for street cred I am a five-time veteran of the tour. Uh the Super Street Tour that is a now defunct knock-off of the Power Tour that was more Honda than Hot Rod.

And while my bladder capacity (which rivals a twelve-year old girl) may not make me the ideal long hauler companion, I more than make up for it with my ability to fall asleep within minutes of embarking on any kind of road trip, whether I'm a passenger, or unfortunately a driver.

I may not know history like Forrest and Ken (does this mean I'm doomed to repeat it, like Calculus?), and I can't tell you the detailed specs of the Gateway Arch or even who, exactly was General Custer (wasn't he the one who killed Mr. Boddy in the library with the lead pipe?). Although I know that REO Speedwagon is more than just an '80s band.

The tour has gone from the West to the East, and back again, Midwest to, uh Midwest, North to South and this year we're headed north from the sandy beaches of Cocoa Beach, Florida to the mean streets of Detroit, Michigan.

Of the 16 tours (yes, that's all of them) Mothers has not been afraid of rock chips or projectile insects. Our peeps have toured in such legendary Mothers metal as the Vista Cruiser, '67 Olds 442, '59 Chevy Sedan Delivery, '63 Nova SS convertible, ZR1, and even Forrest's "Way Cool Mothers® Vortech Mustang."

Gas prices be damned this year we're bringing back one of our big guns, Mothers '67 El Camino complete with it's 572-cubic inch engine unless we decide to swap it out for something even bigger.

As these cool rides, our usual cast of characters, and even our Mothers Big Rig take off on the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour, I'll be in tow. Shambling after trying to document everything in my best meandering aimless way. I hope you enjoy the tour, it's going to be quite a trip.

Keep the shiny side up,

John Naderi
for Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

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2011 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 4
Port Canaveral
Cocoa Beach, FL

Sunday, June 5
Georgia Motorsports Park
Valdosta, GA

Monday, June 6
Montgomery Motorsports Park
Montgomery, AL

Tuesday, June 7
LP Field
Nashville, TN

Wednesday, June 8
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Indianapolis, IN

Thursday, June 9
Downtown Muskegon
Muskegon, MI

Friday, June 10
Metro Beach Metropark
Detroit, MI

Saturday, June 11
Long Haulers Ceremony
(Location TBD)
Detroit, MI

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