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Power Tour 2007

“You'll Never Want More”

As my wife will be the first to tell you, I tire quickly of toys. When we married 19 years ago, she was driving the same car she bought new in 1978. I need a calculator with scientific notation to keep track of the cars I’ve owned.

So, in looking around for wheels for this year, my eyes went past everything I’ve driven in years past. New is in. Old is out.

A quick perusal of the parking lot did offer several interesting choices. But, in the end, it came down to numbers. Last year, the Elise was fun, but 4 cylinders made it awkward in a crowd of V8s. So, I need more than 4. More than 8, too, to make up for last year’s attempt to save gas. And to one-up all those other car guys and gals.

How about 10? That’s a nice, round number.

Yep, I can do 10, and can even count it on my fingers and toes if push comes to shove, and I wear my sandals.

Now, what’s in the lot with 10 cylinders?

Oh, yeah. The M.

As in M6. BMW M6. Circa 2006. Five-hundred horsepower, 7-speed sequential manual gearbox with paddleshifters. Carbon fiber roof, too. Even Bluetooth to integrate my phone with the iDrive control system.

I can like this deal. The M looks like it has what I need for the Tour — power, luxury, styling, class.

And I need all the class I can get.

So, here it is:


One 2006 BMW M6 to go. To go on the Power Tour, that is. Sinister. Wicked. Fast.

Yep, that’s me.

Smile when I pass you this year. Don’t think of it as an ostentatious display, think of it as making up for the couple of cylinders I was short last year.

It’ll all even out in the end.

And you hot rodders, fear not. We’re also bringing along 572 cubic inches of El Camino that Jim will drive, and an alternative-fueled vehicle that will knock the socks off anything coming out of the auto manufacturers today. You can’t miss us — we’ll be the ones with the fancy big rig

Mothers Big Rig

and the smiles to match.

You see, life IS good.

Cleveland, here we come. Lebron James isn’t the only one with a cavalier attitude and flying high. Your friends at Mothers® are, too.

Or, more correctly, we’ll be flying low. In an M6. I hope they’re ready for us.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Forrest Tosie

Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

2007 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 2
IX Center
Cleveland, OH

Sunday, June 3
Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds
Kalamazoo, MI

Monday, June 4
Downtown Lake Front
Racine, WI

Tuesday, June 5
Illinois State Fairgrounds
Springfield, IL

Wednesday, June 6
Roberts Stadium
Evansville, IN

Thursday, June 7
Memphis Motorsports Park
Memphis, TN

Friday June 8
Arkansas State Fairgrounds
Little Rock, AR

Saturday, June 9
Long Hauler Closing Ceremonies
Arkansas State Fairgrounds
Little Rock, AR

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