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2007 Photo Gallery

Power Tour 2007
Tuesday, June 5
Racine, WI to Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, IL

“From Zero to Hero”

Ha! I finally did it. I did it all. Guess what I did?

I predicted good weather, and it came true. They love me!

When I looked out my hotel window this morning, I expected lots of things, but never an AMC Pacer X.

In purple, no less. I can’t recall the last time I saw one, but variety is the spice of life, and I like spicy food.

We headed en masse to the driver’s meeting, held at

I thought dragaway was what a cave man did when he chose his cave wife? Well, it works for them. Maybe they bought that extra vowel on Wheel of Fortune and didn’t want it to go to waste. Regardless, there were few cars there when I arrived,

but more were coming in the gates, like this great Riviera,

and a really clean big block Chevelle SS.

I was really looking forward to the ride today for several reasons — I predicted no rain, and the route took us around those cursed highways of Chicago.

Now that’s a winner!

Once we crossed into Illinois, our route took us off the interstate and in to what is best described as rolling hills — lined with corn fields. Every time we came to a small town, the Sheriff or police department had the intersections blocked off so we could motor through. I felt like Sterling Moss in the Mille Miglia. Downshift, round the corner, and back on the gas, all to the waves, cheers and hand gestures of the populace.

That’s what a Power Tour is all about.

At the end of the rolling two lane, and back into civilization, we came upon this sight:

I guess a person knows when they’ve had too much to drink: when the horse loses its spots.

Back in traffic, I realized one shortcoming of a rotary engine — its lack of torque. Every time I looked back, I had some big block in my mirror.

All it took, though, was a few thousand RPMs, and they disappeared. That finely balanced car on those rolling, curving, hills truly made me wish for one to keep in my garage all the time.

I need another car like I need a hole in the head. But, if I...

Never mind, dear. I know it’s not practical.

Big surprise, we ran into another traffic jam just before the last segment of interstate. I just love signs that state the obvious.

Trust me, we were slow.

Nothing like taking four lanes of traffic down to one on the day 4,000 cars decide to drive through your fair city.

From Peoria down to Springfield traffic was light and moving. Moving so well, in fact, the Illinois State Police decided to send some troopers our way to watch the crowd go by. In a single mile, we counted five motorcycle troopers “helping” motorists.

It’s always nice to help out a traveler.

Fortunately, Tour cars like this AAR Cuda didn’t need any help.

The Illinois State Fairground was our Power Tour stop back in 2005, and while we were spread out more now, the crowd had to have been larger. I heard one woman comment they sat in traffic for two hours just to get in.

Springfield loves cars.

Lots of cars means lots of crowd.

Even the SEMA bus was surrounded.

Chad, the quitter weatherman, is driving this green Chevy pick-up on the Tour. They’re looking for a name for it. I suggested Kermit (the Dog) or Gumby (that’s Pokey).

Chad didn’t seem to like the names, but Joe and the crowd thought them worthy.

I finally was able to clean the RX8, and climbed to the observation deck of the rig for a different perspective.

You can see the carbon fiber hood and trunk. CF makes a light car even lighter, and helps offset some of the lack of displacement with the rotary motor compared to a piston engine. I really like that car. Maybe I could...

Yes, dear. I know it’s not practical.

Back on the ground, I spotted Lindsay, the Family Events person running the show, using our deck as a vantage point.

She’s e-mailing and taking care of business as usual. I have shoes older than her, by the way.

I headed up to the stage, spotting Colby of SEMA modeling his new sunshine wear.

I doubt you’ll ever see me so attired, rain or shine.

The crowd loved me on stage today. Yesterday it was boos and hisses, and today, thunderous applause. All those umbrellas that were keeping Tourers dry yesterday had a different purpose today.

I can see the slogan now, “Umbrellas — they’re not just for rain anymore.”

With my predictions of sunshine and warmer temperatures done, I retreated back to the big rig, and found myself in the company of a real spy.

He claimed to be looking for his MoJo, but I heard him wrong (old age means hearing loss, you know) and thought he asked for something to make his car glow.

Mark suggested Showtime.

Yeah, baby.

Leaving the other Robert to demonstrate a PowerBall Mini MD,

I headed to the hotel for dinner with two of my nephews who drove in for the Tour.

Tomorrow we may be heading to a casino in Evansville, but the weather is no gamble. To paraphrase the Blues Brothers, I have a clean car, half a tank of gas, sunglasses, and now it’s dark.

All I need is you to read about it.

Hasta la vista, Springfield. Evansville, here we come!

Your humble and obedient servant,

Forrest Tosie
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

2007 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 2
IX Center
Cleveland, OH

Sunday, June 3
Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds
Kalamazoo, MI

Monday, June 4
Downtown Lake Front
Racine, WI

Tuesday, June 5
Illinois State Fairgrounds
Springfield, IL

Wednesday, June 6
Roberts Stadium
Evansville, IN

Thursday, June 7
Memphis Motorsports Park
Memphis, TN

Friday June 8
Arkansas State Fairgrounds
Little Rock, AR

Saturday, June 9
Long Hauler Closing Ceremonies
Arkansas State Fairgrounds
Little Rock, AR

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