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Power Tour 2007

“Going Small, in a Big Sort of Way”

I spend little time watching television. I know gas prices have been going up, but the politics behind it escape me. Countries I can’t find on a map; reasons I’ve never heard of; and why, just why, is a barrel of oil 42 gallons when everyone knows a barrel holds 55 gallons?

What happens to the other 13 gallons?

Maybe that’s why there are shortages – someone’s taking those other 13 gallons!

So, in my quest to help stave off future gas shortages, while looking for those 13 missing gallons from every barrel, I’ve decided to drive a fuel-efficient car on this year’s Hot Rod Power Tour. Something with a small 4-cylinder would be nice, and easy on the ol’ wallet, because we’re seeing lots of these:

Good fuel economy doesn’t have to come at the price of performance though. Thinking back to early greats like Carrol Shelby and Colin Chapman, they found a way to make a modestly powered car perform on par with the mega-monster-motored ones.

Light weight.

Yeah, that’s the ticket – I’ll go for light weight. The less a car weighs, the quicker it accelerates, the better its fuel economy, and the more I’ll save on gas.

Any idea what the lightest street legal car sold in these United States is?

The Lotus Elise.

This is my kinda gas sipping economy car — 0-60 in less than 5 seconds, a 150 mph top end and almost 1.0g on the skid pad. All while getting 29 miles per gallon.

Wanna know how they do it?

It’s really simple. The car weighs 1,984 pounds and has 190 horsepower. The advertising line for Lotus says it all: Performance Through Light Weight

So, here’s my plan: While our car builder and designated mechanical guru Gary is driving our two ton-plus 59 Sedan Delivery, and our Motorsports Director, Jim, the 572-cubic-inch El Camino we drove last year on the Tour, I’ll be saving the environment at 29 miles per gallon. Three Mothers employees, three cars. One fuel bill.

The accountants will thank me for being so considerate.

Stay tuned for our 2006 Power Tour coverage, as we wind our way up the East coast. New cities, new friends, new adventures.

I’ll be the guy with the funny little English hat and the big smile on my face – while getting 29 miles per gallon.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Forrest Tosie
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

2006 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 3
Orange County
Convention Center
Orlando, FL

Sunday, June 4
Gainesville Raceway
Gainesville, FL

Monday, June 5
Georgia National Fairgrounds
Perry, GA

Tuesday, June 6
Colonial Center
Columbia, SC

Wednesday, June 7
Salem Civic Center
Roanoke Valley (Salem), VA

Thursday June 8
Farm Show Complex
Harrisburg, PA

Friday, June 9
Old Bridge Township
Raceway Park
Englishtown, NJ

Saturday, June 10
Old Bridge Township
Raceway Park
Englishtown, NJ

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