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Power Tour 2007

“Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”

The best laid plans of mice and men…

Well, you know how it goes. You plan and plan for the future, but things never seem to work out.

A little while back (okay, it was February of 2004) we were brainstorming about ways to have more fun in our lives. Someone suggested a mega motor and the Power Tour in the same breath. Running out to the warehouse, the first car we came to was our ’67 El Camino. It hasn’t been loved too much lately since the motor was only 396 cubic inches.

Gary, ever the fast thinker (even if he is a slow talker) ran to get his GM Performance Catalog. There, we found the answer to our dreams — 572 cubic inches of ground-pounding big-block Chevy.

Since Gary was on a roll, he suggested a complete re-do of Elky, with an understated, yet cool paint job penned by our buddy Chip Foose, an interior to make Power Touring more comfortable, and a suspension set-up to rival the best handling cars around.

Even with 572 cubic inches sitting on the nose.

When all was said and done (about a year later, since you can’t rush quality work), it was literally a rolling work of art. Motor? Yeah, we got one. A BIG one. Suspension? Hotchkis components with QA1 coilovers, baby, and a Streetwise quick-change rear end thrown in for good measure. Brakes? This puppy’ll stop on a dime, and leave seven cents on the ground thanks to Baer. Comfort? Sparco seats with Katzkin uphostery to hold us in comfort while we slalom our way to the next destination. And if the weather gets hot, we’ve got Vintage Air to keep us cool.

Here’s what we ended up with:

There’s just one little problem — when we started this project gasoline was a little less expensive. We hadn’t planned on spending nearly $3.00 a gallon for gas.

Oh well, it’ a little late for that now — we’re committed — hook, line and gas credit card.

The saving grace: gas prices seem to be going down and are a little less expensive in the Midwest and the South, which is where this year’s Tour goes. Milwaukee to Kissimmee.

As Dick Vitale would say, “Yeah, Baby!”

We’re going to Disneyworld. And Tallahassee. And Birmingham. And Nashville.

Well, you get the idea. If not, see the itinerary.

So, as you see us on the Power Tour, have a little sympathy for those guys in the uber-cool El Camino.

We can only hope we have enough spare change to make it back home.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Forrest Tosie
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

2005 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 4
Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI
Painless Performance Kick-Off Cruise Night!

Sunday, June 5
Illinois State Fairgrounds
Springfield, Illinois

Monday, June 6
Indianapolis Raceway Park
Indianapolis, IN

Tuesday, June 7
Gaylord Opryland Resort
Nashville, TN

Wednesday, June 8
Birmingham Race Course
Birmingham, AL

Thursday June 9
North Florida Fairgrounds
Tallahassee, FL

Friday, June 10
Osceola Heritage Park
Kissimmee-St. Cloud, FL

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