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Power Tour 2007

“The 10th Time Around – Say Cheese!”

Stop the presses! Hold your horses! Extra, extra, read all about it! The Hot Rod Power Tour’s 10 years old, and we’re celebrating the good ol’ fashioned way – with a road trip!

Folks in the know all say last year’s Midwest trek was so well received they’ve decided to keep it there, albeit somewhat twisted. Instead of across the middle of the country, we’re going South to North – Texas to Wisconsin. Why Wisconsin, you ask? Well, I’m guessing some big cheese really likes cheese. Or, he’s a Packer fan. Time will tell.

From the looks of the schedule and a map, we’ll be going for heartland all the way – The Ballpark in beautiful Arlington (maybe no rain this year?) to Lambeau Field in Green Bay (say cheese!). Hmm, maybe someone’s a sports fan.

To carry all that cheese, we’re polishing up our tried and true 1959 Sedan Delivery. There’s enough room in back for at least half of the Packers cheerleaders, and a few wheels of cheese, too. Speaking of wheels, it’s now riding on boffo 18” Chip Foose-designed wheels now. Initial plans were for us to use a ride that hauls literally and figuratively – our 1967 El Camino. But, as I write this, it’s torn in thousands of pieces, each being painted, polished and prepared for hauling. I doubt it’ll make it.

While an original 396 car, we’ve decided all that cheese calls for more cubes. So, out with the 396 (stored in the safety of our ultraclean shop) and in with a 572 cubic inch monster motor. I’m guessing this motor, which makes over 600 horses on pump gas, will be able to power us on the Tour quite nicely, gas prices be damned. But, to help out, we’re planning on stuffing the tranny tunnel opening with a 700R4 built by our old friend Art Carr, and tossing some 3.23 gears into the mix. Who’s afraid of the big, bad, wolf? Not this rat, I guarantee.

But, if the big, bad, rat isn’t ready to rumble, we’ll bring a surprise car – see if you can figure it out from these hints:

• It not only hauls, it’s been OverHaulin’

• It may not be a girl’s car, but the name’s still sounds like a “she”

• A door slammer without handles

• The brakes are a real Baer

Along the way, there looks to be plenty to do and see. Our old friend Rick Kirk in Ripley, Oklahoma (believe it or not) has offered us another look at his pile of cool rare Fords as we rumble through Oklahoma, and that’s one stop we don’t want to miss. We stopped there back in 2001 (see the story here). Official stops include fairgrounds (Springfield, Missouri and the Quad cities on the Iowa/Illinois border), racetracks – cars (Gateway International in Saint Louis) and horses (Arlington up near Chicago), and the hallowed grounds of Lambeau Field in Green Bay, where rumors persist that the ghost of Vince Lombardi still walks the sidelines. From their website, it appears as though it’s a mere 2 months older than I am.

So, make your reservations now, or pull up a seat for our on-line, high-octane coverage.

After 10 years, I think we’ve got it down pat.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Forrest Tosie
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

2004 Cruise Night Schedule

Saturday, June 5
The Ball Park at Arlington
Fort Worth, TX

Sunday, June 6
CityPlex Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Monday, June 7
Ozark Empire Fairgrounds
Springfield, Missouri

Tuesday, June 8
Gateway International Raceway
St. Louis, Missouri

Wednesday, June 9
Mississippi Valley Fair
Davenport, Iowa

Thursday, June 10
Arlington Race Track
Chicago, Illinois

Friday, June 11
Lambeau Field
Green Bay, Wisconsin

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