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2001 Photo Gallery

Power Tour 2007

In the Out Door

Another year older, another Power Tour. After six years of running west to east, our friends at Hot Rod have finally decided to shake things up. Rather than the same old, dull and boring, “let’s leave LA and drive across the country,” the powers to be have decreed 2001 to be a year of change. So, we’ll go east to west. And, to really shake things up, we’ll be traveling the same approximate route of what was known as the Mother Road, Route 66.

As our faithful readers of prior years have found out, us Mothers® folks like to have fun. We work really hard at bringing you great Power Tour coverage, and spreading cheer and goodwill all across these fruited plains. So, we’re planning to think different for 2001. Gone is our Mad Magazine. John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath is in instead. Gone is Motley Crue. Instead we have the greatest selling country artist of all time, (according to the infomercial on channel 146 at 3:00 AM this morning) Slim Whitman. See, we’ve changed.

While we’re meandering down the Mother Road, we’ll be thinking of all those who participated in the westward expansion years ago—many of whom set up shop in Southern California and started the automotive performance aftermarket. Sorry to say we’ll be missing our friends from ACC—Auto Custom Carpets. Their company plane crashed on February 13, killing all 5 on board. Jeff, Don and all the gang were the nicest people you’d ever meet, and they’ll be missed. We’ll dedicate our good times on this trip to their memory. And, we’ll be thinking it sure is nice to have air conditioning, power steering, killer four wheel disc brakes, and enough torque to pull a house off its foundation.

Because, as you know, there’s no such thing as too much power!

After a false start last year, the Olds Vista Cruiser is primed for foot to the floor action. With more cubic inches than 3 of last year’s PT Cruisers, and enough torque to pull Pontiac, Michigan all the way down to Pontiac, Illinois in an afternoon, it’s sorted out and ready for action.

Gary’s made a final shopping trip to the local Mid-nite Auto Supply to procure odds and ends for the V Cruiser (as it shall henceforth be called).

We’ve also been boning up on our y’alls, howdies and ma’ams in preparation for the trip.

We have GPS, DVD, PCS, RAM, ROM and lots of other 3 letter acronyms to help us survive the cruel world. Suffice it to say this’ll be the most technologically advanced Power Tour ever, and we’ll be in front of the pack leading the way like only Mothers® can. With a state of the art Nikon Cool Pix digital camera and one of Apple’s superpowerful Powerbook computer, you’ll see the Tour up close and personal.

Sit back and enjoy the fun, or come join us for a day or two or ten. Since our rogue traveling buddy, has wimped out this year, feigning pregnancy of his wife as an excuse to stay home (“What, you couldn’t PLAN things a little better? Oh, you DID plan it just right, didn’t you?” ), I’ll be bringing you the blow by blow account of cross country travels without his non-stop correction of my mixing verb tense in sentences, and off kilter photography.

You can also keep up to date by checking out the official site:

Plan your life accordingly — I’m going to go get some sleep.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Forrest Tosie
Mothers® Polishes•Waxes•Cleaners

2001 Cruise Night Schedule

Thursday, May 3rd
Phoenix Center
Pontiac, MI

Friday, May 4th
Rt. 66 Raceway
Joliet, IL

Saturday, May 5th
Mid America Designs
Effingham, IL

Sunday, May 6th
Bass Pro Shop
Springfield, MO

Monday, May 7th
Moose Lodge
Tulsa, OK

Tuesday, May 8th
Amarillo, TX

Wednesday, May 9th
Civic Plaza, Downtown
Albuquerque, NM

Thursday, May 10th
Kingman, AZ

Friday, May 11th & 12th
San Bernardino, CA

Total: 2,414 Miles

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